Explore the plains of the Africa Safari Track, marvelling at the size of our ungulates as they stroll the savannah.

Explore the African savannah.

With a stunning wildlife-hide, you can look out over the watering hole to see giraffe, zebra and ostrich. If you’re really lucky, you may even have a vertigo-inducing foot-to-hoof encounter with the world’s tallest animal.

Follow the aviary walkway to play in the meerkat tunnels, and see our leopard tortoises and African masked lovebirds before reaching our lions, rhinos, nyala and waterbuck.


Keeper Dan shows how we care for some awesome ungulates!

At Auckland Zoo we look at everything a species needs to thrive in the wild, and make sure we have met and even exceed these needs! Follow along with Dan as we see what this means for our ungulates species as they enjoy some fresh browse, new substrates, and our rhinos participate in a health check.

See more of Africa.

Have a chat with our flock of flamingos next to The Watering Hole while you have your lunch.

Continue onwards to encounter our cheetah sisters up close, observe the social baboon troop as they spend time grooming each other and can you spot the serval?

Nyah, our southern white rhino calf, was born on the 14 August 2020 to parents Jamila and Zambezi. She is the first rhino birth at Auckland Zoo in 20 years.

Jamila and Zambezi became parents again when our second southern white rhino calf, Amali, was born on the 24 September 2022.

Areas of construction have hoardings or fencing surrounding them, and our Zoo map clearly shows which areas these are and what pathways are accessible to you. Our fabulous volunteers, the friendly folk in red, are also out in force to help you.