Our entire South East Asia Jungle Track project is now open for you to experience!

Our South East Asia Jungle Track, the biggest project in our 100-year history, is a $62m renewals programme being funded through Auckland Council’s long-term plan. Along with our lake and wetlands, this track across one-fifth of our Zoo, features a lowlands habitat for tigers and otters, high canopy primate habitat for orangutans and siamangs, and a swamp forest habitat for Sunda gharial (crocodile) and South East Asian fish species.

Highly immersive for animals and people, and unique to Aotearoa and globally, it is all about providing the best care for our animals and bringing animals together to give visitors a deep connection with nature and inspire a love and care for wildlife and each other.

As one of the most species-rich and threatened places on earth, Auckland Zoo is proud to be putting the spotlight on South East Asia. For 20 years we’ve been actively supporting conservation efforts that help wildlife in the wild that continue to make a positive difference, and as our visitors you are contributing to these efforts every time you visit!

What's Happening in South East Asia

Te Puna

Te Puna - our café and function venue - is ready for you to swing by! You'll find delicious canteen style fare for takeaway or dine-in …

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The High Canopy

Our stunning high canopy primate habitat for orangutans and siamangs is now open for you to experience. The world class habitat …

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The Lake and Wetlands

A boardwalk takes visitors out across our lake and wetlands and over to the Swamp Forest tropical habitat that will soon be open for …

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The Swamp Forest

The world class habitat includes tropical pools and a rainfall system that will provide the essential rainfall ubiquitous in the …

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The Lowlands

Look forward to being immersed in the landscape and environment of Sumatran tigers and Asian small-clawed otters in our lowlands …

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“As kaitiaki of Tāmaki Makaurau’s zoo and the environment, we’re so excited and proud of this world-class development for our animals and community. It reflects all that we stand for, and is truly wildlife conservation science at work,” says Auckland Zoo director, Kevin Buley.

“Along with renewing the Zoo’s physical heart and providing incredible homes for our animals, its immersive design brings people and animals together – giving visitors a deep connection with nature and immersive experiences to inspire a love and care for wildlife, wild places, and each other.”


Journey around our Future Zoo!

Captured by drone, this birds-eye-view let you journey around our South East Asia habitat while it was under construction.

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Construction of our South East Asia Jungle Track, which extends across an expansive one-fifth of our Zoo visitor area, began in late 2017, it was delayed slightly by Covid, but and the final part opened on 22 October 2022!

There is the high canopy habitat for primates - orangutans and siamangs, and the lowlands habitat for Sumatran tigers and Asian small-clawed otters. 

Opened on 22 October 2022 the Track’s final habitat – the stunning swamp forest created within a large transparent temperature-controlled tropical dome is home to Sunda gharial crocodiles and a rich diversity of South East Asian fish species – the first of its kind in Aotearoa!

Connecting it all up, the boardwalk extends across the Zoo’s lake from the high canopy habitat, over to the new swamp forest habitat and then on to the lowlands habitat.

Yes! We are excited to share that in addition to orangutans, siamangs, tigers, and otters, our new South East Asia area is home to the stunning Asian crocodile species, the Sunda gharial, a rich diversity of fish species including Asian arowana and Indonesian tiger perch.

Yes. As part of zoos’ international breeding programme for these Critically Endangered big cats, we welcomed two new Sumatran tigers in November 2022, they have a home in our expansive new tiger habitat.

Yes. Our café and function venue, Te Puna, is now open. Over 1000 m2, and elevated, it looks out over the Zoo’s lake. From its wide wrap-around deck, you can look out and see our new swamp forest tropical habitat, and watch the incredibly agile orangutans and siamangs as they range across their extensive network of aerial pathways (up to 25m high!) that extend from their habitat and out over the lake. 

As well as new toilet facilities in this new café, there are also additional toilet facilities adjoining the new South East Asia area.


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