Welcome to The Spring.

Te Puna, our newest dining venue, is now open.

Located right in the heart of the Zoo, Te Puna faces the central lake of the Zoo and the South East Asia Jungle Track development.

There are changes to the way our cafés run at Traffic Light Orange.

Serving canteen style fare, Te Puna’s service window will be open to enjoy coffee and a selection of Grab-and-go style food, 7 days a week.

  1. Freshly made salads and sandwiches
  2. Hot chips and takeaway fare
  3. Freshly baked donuts, Danishes and pastries
  4. Hot beverages, Mojo Coffee, soft drinks and juices
  5. Sweet treats

Events at Te Puna

If you are interested in private events or functions at Te Puna, find out more below.

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