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We’re a not-for-profit organisation with conservation science at the heart of everything we do. You can see this through the exceptional care we provide for our animals, the specialist skills our amazing staff put to use conserving threatened wildlife throughout Aotearoa, the conservation partnerships we support globally.

As part of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, we’re an approved donee organisation, which means you can claim a tax credit on any donation* above $5 made to Auckland Zoo.


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Zoo Diets

Support Auckland Zoo's huge demand for food - over a thousand mouths to feed each day!

Vet Hospital

Support our Vet Hospital - treating our zoo animals, and sick and injured wildlife from all over New Zealand.

Donate Browse

Having a fresh source of browse (leafy vegetation) is an important component in how we care for our animals.

It's you that keeps our heart beating.

As a charitable organisation, approximately 60% of Auckland Zoo's revenue is generated through entry fees, so the impact of closure due to Covid-19 is significant and despite the generous support of Auckland Council, we rely on our amazing supporters, like you, to be able to continue our conservation Wild Work for the world’s most vulnerable and at risk animal species.

Since 2000, your visits and donations have helped us to raise over 4 million dollars to carry out conservation work on the ground in Africa, Asia, Tasmania, the Pacific and all over Aotearoa. Go team!

Together, we’re making a real and tangible difference for wildlife, restoring wild places and helping communities. Find out more about the Wild Work you’re supporting above.


Auckland Zoo: Building a future for wildlife

With your support, this is what we’re capable of! You allow us to inspire, empower and make a difference. Our team of conservation optimists use their skills, backed by science, to lead and support conservation efforts in Aotearoa and around the world.

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