Here at Auckland Zoo we have over a thousand mouths to feed each day – from big cats to baboons, tīeke to tuatara, capybara to cotton tops!

Each animal species has their own specific nutritional requirements that they need to thrive - and making sure our wildlife get top-quality meat, veggies, fruits and insects is one of our most substantial and necessary expenses. Can you imagine how much our elephant girls eat? (Sorry Burma and Anjalee!)

Your generous donation could provide a hunk of juicy meat to our carnivores, or some locusts for our precious primates. Did you know our animals consume up to 1700 insects a week?!

Choose your donation


Feeds one of our red panda as much kiwifruit and pear as they can eat in a week


Enough vegetables for two Southern white rhinos each week – including all their favourites


Feeding our cotton-top tamarins their weekly fill of live locusts - yum!


Feeding our Asian elephants a weeks' worth of apples, bananas, oranges, celery and watermelon