Get closer and make memories to last a lifetime with our Zoo Experiences.

Get an indepth understanding of how we care for the Galápagos tortoise, giraffe, barn owl, red panda or squirrel monkeys at Auckland Zoo.

Have a meaningful Experience connecting with wildlife while having a yarn with our knowledgeable staff. Individual animals have the choice on how they participate in Experiences, so every Experience will be unique.

Booking these Experiences helps to support our important wildlife conservation work, with a portion of your purchase going towards conservation efforts, both in the Zoo and in the wild.

Any current Experience voucher holders can get in touch here to book their Experience:

Giraffe Experience

Admire the tallest animal on earth from a whole new perspective with a Giraffe Experience. 

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Galápagos Tortoise Experience

Take a moment to slow down and meet these huge herbivores with a Galápagos Tortoise Experience.

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Squirrel Monkey Experience

Hang out with the squirrel monkeys in their habitat and discover just how curious and agile these intelligent primates really are.

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Barn Owl Experience

A magical Experience for owl lovers. Learn how to fly one of our beautiful barn owls during one of their daily training sessions.

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Red Panda Experience

Tempt the red panda down from the trees by offering them one of their favourite treats. 

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Let one of our experienced Zoo Guides take you on a tour of our New Zealand track. Learn about native animals and plants and their importance in Māori culture and the environment.

Te Wao Nui Tours

Take an immersive journey through the six stunning habitats of Te Wao Nui at Auckland Zoo. A truly unique experience of New Zealand’s animals, plants and culture all in one location.

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