Auckland Zoo is a great place to work, with lots of passionate people doing incredible things. Zoo roles range from zookeeping, horticulture, marketing, veterinary services, administration, finance and customer service.

All of our job vacancies are listed on the Tātaki Auckland Unlimited careers website.

While you're waiting for your dream Auckland Zoo job to come up, below is some useful information that may help you land the position.


Join us at Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo staff love working for an organisation where they make a big difference to the future of wildlife.

How do I become a zookeeper?

There are few zoos in New Zealand, and consequently few zookeeping positions - but don't let that get you down! Conservation is all about dedication. There are lots of ways to gain experience, which can help you towards realising your dream. 

Our team's experience and qualifications vary - there is the Unitec Institute of Technology Certificate in Animal Management (Captive Wild Animals), there are also science degrees, veterinary technician qualifications and a wealth of experience both in overseas zoos and sometimes with animals in the wild - often via other conservation organisations and projects. The more education and experience with animals and conservation the better.

If you are still at school and interested in a career that encompasses conservation, the environment and working with animals, you need to keep your subject choice broad.

Preferably, include a science subject such as biology. It is important that you choose subjects that will give you the highest aggregate marks.

Auckland Zoo Opportunities