We are looking for highly motivated and committed individuals who want to build a career in wildlife conservation and animal management. 

Auckland Zoo offers six-month unpaid internships within our life sciences team.  You will become a key part of our animal teams, working alongside our keepers in the management and care of our unique animal collection.

Each intern will be assigned to one of our animal teams for the duration of their placement. Experience will be gained through on-the-job training in the management and husbandry of the species they'll work with, and regular assessments and feedback will be provided.

In addition to daily animal husbandry duties, interns will attend a series of lectures that will help give a good theoretical background in important zoo and conservation topics such as; collection planning, cooperative breeding programmes, field conservation, animal training and conditioning, behavioural enrichment, animal health, animal records and animal transfers.

There will be opportunities to accompany our keeping staff on selected field conservation initiatives in the wider Auckland area. This may involve habitat restoration work on offshore islands, survey and assessment work, or release and translocation initiatives for key New Zealand species.

On completion, interns will receive a Certificate of Achievement for use with future employers.


Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old
These are unpaid placements and applicants will, therefore, need to be able to financially support themselves for the duration of the internship
These are full-time positions and interns will be expected to work from 8am to 4.30pm daily and work 10 days out of fourteen, including alternate weekends and public holidays (as rostered).
The next internship will run from 7 October 2019 to 3 April 2020 and applications will open 1 March 2019, and close on 31 May 2019.

To apply

Download and complete the application form below, and then return with a cover letter and a CV via email to: 

Your cover letter should provide details including:

  1. Any current or recent academic course and its relevance to a career with animals/conservation
  2. Any experience working with animals in a private or professional capacity
  3. Any experience working in a customer service position
  4. What your career goals are, and how this internship would help you achieve them
  5. In which section/animal area you are most interested in attaining experience through this internship and why

Position description

Intern selection criteria


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