Together, we’re making a real and tangible difference for wildlife, restoring wild places and helping communities.

Since 2000, your visits and donations have helped us to raise over 4 million dollars to carry out conservation work on the ground in Africa, Asia, Tasmania, the Pacific and all over Aotearoa. Go team!

Auckland Zoo is a not-for-profit organisation with conservation science at the heart of everything we do.

You can see this through the exceptional care we provide for our animals, the specialist skills our amazing staff put to use conserving threatened wildlife throughout Aotearoa, the conservation partnerships we support globally.

Together, we’re making a real and tangible difference for wildlife, restoring wild places and helping communities. 

Thank you for your support

As we have continued to develop the zoo grounds some of our notable donation walls have been moved. To acknowledge these donors, we have shifted their names here to our website.

3 McGivern AGGS '00
3/11 Wairau Intermediate Year 2000
3/12 Wairau 2000
3/12 Wairau Intermediate School 2000
3/9 At Wairau is proud to support the Zoo
3McGivern AGGS '00
A gift to our world'
Abby Rose McGeorge
AC Nielsen
ACE Computer Training
AE tena
Aidan & Breearna
Aimee Hunt
Alan Francis & Liz Kitto
Alcarni Associates LTD
Alex Aitken 1996
Alexander Borawski
Alexander Hunt
Alexander Petrie
Alexandra Hyland
Alice & James Wenley
Alicia David and Rebecca Caulton
Alicia Green
Alix and Keporah Ashby 25/01/2001
All the staff at the Howick Vet Clinic
Allen, Kenina, Alexander & Andrew Court
Amber Raikuna 15.11.99 Oliver King 19.2.99
Amelia & Ruby Jenkins
Amelia and Emma Quinn We Love the Zoo 2001
Amy & Theo Butler
Andrew and Rachel Broome
Andrew, Erica and Nicola Warmington
Ann Elizabeth Edwards 06/11/44 - 14/09/95 Rifaldi D. Bentley
Annabelle Webster
Annalyce Whittaker
Anne Kitto
Aramis & Cian Dennan 7th June 1998
Arano Juice
Armistead Family
ASB Bank
Ashley & Leighton Watson
Ashley Bates Madison Paige Bates  29.12.96
Auckland East Parents Centre Inc
Auckland Zoo Volunteers 2001
Baby Harry SB Love Elly & Ollie Skeates
Baptist Pukekohe
Barbara Paddon
Ben & Ailsa Dekker
Ben Eliahu & Family
Ben Hamilton
Benjamin de Knegt
Benjamin Hotchin
Benjamin Morgan
Best Bets
Bev Butler
Bevan, Jennifer & Samantha Domett
Billie-Rose Murfitt, Harvey and Dad
Billy and Zeni Gibson
Blaire McIntosh
Blakiston Family
Blue Skies…Lani, Keri, Graham, Laura
Bradley Trevor Greive
Breville Better ideas sooner
Brian, Ria, Megan & Harriet Wright
Brodie Richards
BTG Studios
Caden Robert Teau
Caitlin Amy Ward
Caitlin Orr-Walker
Callesen Mitchell
Callum Burnett
Callum Miller
Cam & Ella Mayhew
Cameron & Megan Jones
Cameron & Mitchell Stables
Cameron Andrew
Cameron Cox
Caroline and Brent Sutcliffe 2001
Caspar at the Zoo
Cassandra Dyer fly free Sweet Angel <3
Cassandra Grodd
Ceramics on this wall handcrafted by Morris and James Pottery Matakana NZ
Charlotte Petrice
Charlotte Taylor
Chin Jenshiung and Jung Hsiu Ching and Family
Chloe Parker
Chris, Erin and Petra Lapish
Clabrough Family
Claudia & Tara
Corrin, Eric and Dorothy Burton-Ruawai
Craig, Wendy, Jeremy, Megan, Alexander 2,000
D&E Hert
Daji Panelbeaters Ltd
Daniel Close
Daniel J Shirley
Daniel Jose
Daniel Wyatt 30/4/98
Danielle Taylor
Danna, Judd, Marion
Darren EP Murray
Dave, Judy, Andrea and Gemma Lee xoxoxoxo
David & Trina & Max
David Weir
Dawn Smyth
Declan Short 3/12/98
Deutsche Bank
Devon M Piggott
Dylan Jacob and OPA Verdonkschof
Eden & Finn Stoneman
Edit Biro
Edward Webster
Eleanor Griffiths
Elisha and Ben Dickens
Elizabeth, Rebekah, James and Joshua Durrans 
Ellen Jose
Emily Berry
Emma & Ben Godden
Emma Jane Evans
Emma, Thomas, Alysha, Rex & Andi 2001
Environmental Planning 2000
Eric Rogers Love
Eva Millar age 6m
Family Fassbender Pascoletti
Finlay & Alexandra Perkinson 2001
First Electric
Flying Start Pictures
For Anne R Pavlis
For the Geordie in us all. Gretel and Paul
Frances Lidia Excell
Frank & Beaty Grove
Fresh Delivery Company
Friday Flash
G, D & F Pobar
G,D,E,F Pobar
G,M,L,A & T Hansen
G. Dixon and Family
Gabrielle, Matthew, Jessica, Van Kan 2000
Gemma Pennycook
Georgia Jaye Zacest
Georgina Warren Orr-Walker
Georgina Webb
Gerold Leenders 
Gifted by D & J Ede
Glen Eden Landscapes supports Auckland Zoo'
Gordon Robert KYLE 1916-1997
Greenhill Family
Greenstone Pictures Zoo Series II
Groddling 2/1/00
Hannah Tait
Hanno & Janee
Haylen Jesse West
Henry Greaves
Heron Family 2000
Holly and Jake Lord 
Holly and Rose
Hosken Family
HP invent
I <3 you Daddiotti
Ian & Rish Davidson
In memory of Alan Perkins 9/11/31 - 24/4/00
In memory of our father V.H. Farnsworth
In Memory of Richard Linburg
Indigo and Glen
Isabelle and Aaron Beardsworth
Isobel Meyer-Kirkward
J&C Mercer 
Jack Somerfield-Young
Jacob Burgen and Family have fun here 
James S Barton
Jamie Holderness
Jamie, Melissa, and Andrew Farquhar
Jane Barrow
Jason and Marc Magerkorth
Jeff Marion Rose and Max Johnstone
Jenny and Peter May
Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin
Jero & Gemma Cole
Jessica Berry
Jill Gordon, Sally & Ben Mains
Jimmy & Mary Andrews Auckland 2000
Jody and Gabriel 
John and Barbara J.
John, Wendy and Laura Barker
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Mason 30th March 1998
Jonathan Osborn 9.9.98 Meg Rae 19.6.99
Jonathan Roy Irvine
Jonathon BG
Jonathon Skinner
Jordan Kell
Joshua and Samuel
Joshua and Sarah Mays
Joshua N.C. Marsh
Joshua Sherer
Joshua Webb
Julie Rosser
June & Byron Mt Eden
Just Juice
K,M & S Weeks
Kahn Whiting 2000
Katherine Williscroft
Kathleen Rosser
Katie Curd
Keegan Allen
Keith Robyn & Rennee Rackham 2000
Kennedy and Cheryl Warne
Kenney Family
Kim & Luke Tasker
Kim Willis
Kimberley Marie Halberg
Kimberly & Caitlin
Kropp Family
Kumfs New Zealand
L TJ KL Pavletich
L&K v.d. Heijden
Lady Talbert, Loved for always 1991-2001
Lance Stefan and Michelle Talbot
Lara & Ryan Brock
Laura & Jason Churches
Laura and Jason Churches 
Laura Norton 2000
Laura, Sofia and Thomas Macartney
Lauren Curd
Laurence Kerby
Laurie, Ingrid & Rochelle Peckham
Lewis Pearce 
Lexie Etherington
Lexie Etherington
Liam A Schollum
Lila Elizabeth Knight 2001
Lily and Connor
Lily McDonald
Logan Barnett
Logan McAllister
Lola (McIntyre) Purdie
Lorenz Stafford U.K.
Lorna-Jayne Selby Glenfield Born 2/3/98
Lou & Jeannie Hornell Love from Family
Louise Brook
Love as you would be loved -Varney
Love from Ireland Jimmy & Mary Andrews
Loving memory Lia Wadham 4.10.29 to 19.9.97
Luca Prinselaar
Lucas (Ursinho)
Luke & Veronica O'Toole
Lyn & Bruce Davis
Lyon Family
M and J Parkins
Madison, Ivan & Grace
Maggie Lles
Mainworks Mainzeal
Marc Luvs Christine
Marie Elliot
Mark James Smith and Family
Mary Gillespie and Family
Matt Hamilton
Matthew & Bailey Broderick 8.11.96 & 29.12.98
Matthew Marsick
Max Phillips
Max Twedell
McLaren Brown Publishing
Mel and Matt
Melanie Potter
Meldrum Family
Melissa Karyn Johns
Melissa Shorrock 
Memories of Sammy
Merrilyn McDonald
Michael & Jack Soffe
Michael & Sydney Chapman
Michael, Dianne, Michelle, Daniel de Vos
Michael, Sue, James and Helena Copsey
Mick Vallotton
Mikaela Maria Ryan Born 19 August 1996
Mikaila & Kathryn
Mike and Jill Lyons
Mike Gething and Pat Woollaston
Mike, Eileen, Sean and Aiden Witt
Milan Vujcich 8/98
Millar Pennycook
MMjmd Sanders
Molly Hodgson
Morgan Young Feb '99
Morrison Kent Barristers and Solicitors
Mr and Mrs Aspergren of Chicago
Mutti, Clare, Sarah
Nadege Annick Salvador 11th April 1999
Natalia M Schollum
Natalie & Emily Brown Love Animals!
Natalie Potter
Natalie Waters
Natasha Oborn
New Zealand Bloodhorse
New Zealand Horse and Pony Magazine
New Zealand Truth & TV Extra
News Media Auckland
Niamh Valgre 2/99
Nic, Kiri, Heathcliff and Adelaide Hall
Nicholas Jose
Nicholas Young '94
Nick & Vic Clarke
Nick and Elijah Evans
Noel Leeming
Odette Ford Brierly
Oliver G. Barnett
Olivia Furlong 2001
Olly & Milly Jack
Opa & Oma Sanders
Orjan Suzanne Dale
Our Precious Jewel Jemma Couch 28/8/00
P & M Stacey Family
Patsy and Mike Hill Sharon and Bronwyn
Peter Furlong 2001
Phil and Tracey
Philip Ruthven
Piet & Joan Brink
Piper Nicholson
Pooch Hotten
Quality Hotels New Zealand
Rachel Curd
Rainbows End
Rebecca BG
Reckitt Benckiser (NZ) LTD & Down To Earth supporting Auckland Zoo
Reid Etherington
Remek Normas
Rheem Install a Rheem
Richard Law
Rodney, Vicki, Nathaniel, Cameron Bearman
Ronald G. White 1918-1999 Dunkirk Vet
Rose Pullenger
Rosie and Jackie Wilkin
Ross A.P.B McKee
Roy Harrison
Russell & Charlotte Whitlow wed 27/9/2000
Ryan Aitken 1998
Ryan Earwaker
Sabrina Kerby
Sam and Gemma Morgan
Sam James Haggerty
Samantha & Grayson
Sammy & Reade Vegar
Sara Coutanche
Sarah Lemberg-Cox
Sarah Ryan and Nicole Love Auckland Zoo
Sasha FDM 30-7-98
Save out Seashores Daan and Milhan Ward
SCONZ Biology Dept.
Scott and Evan 
Scribbles The Hawkfish & Polly
Sean Gamble 2000
Sean K. Fuller 3yrs. Eternal love sweetheart
Selena Loves Craig
Selena Miranda Nin 1967-2000 We love you.
Shay, Cameron & Kyle love from Nana & Poppa
Sheridan Judy Irvine
Sheryl Munro
Simon & Claire Amos 15 April 2000
Simon, Cindy, Holly, Grace, Jack McCarthy
Simonne LeMasurier Love you Moo Mum Al
Sofia and Alex Wolf
Sofia M Schollum
Sophie & Nick Blazey
Sophie Goodrich '96 Hannah Goodrich '99
Sophie Lles 
Sophie Sherer
SR Covacich 16-8-99
Stacey Tree
Starfish Bay Girls
Steffanie Moss Werman
Steve and Jo Lyons
Steven Andrew Ostbye Perth Western Australia
Sue Thompson with love Brianna Ward Thompson
Sunday News
Sunday Star Times
Tania Parkinson 4.8.71 - 12.11.96 
Tara Surtees
Tarryn and Brea Walker
TDC More than Doors
Tessa Eilish McGuinness Ngatai
The Baby Factory
The Big Fish Bait & Tackle Co.
The Bolus Family
The Borawski Family
The Burley Family
The Carbery Gibbs
The Conaghan Clan
The Cook Family
The Cusum Team 
The Hancock-Gibbs
The Hewett Family 
The Jakob-Hoffs
The Kneecrawlers Association
The Lares Family
The Maries Love u
The Speciemen Tree Compnay
The TV Guide
The Worsley Family
Timothy & Liam Jacobs
Timothy & Simon Roxburgh
To Eunice and Angus Love From Lorne and Cas
To Naomi Luv Emma
Tremlett Family
Turf Digest
Tuscany and Castellane
Twisted sisters Veronika, Anita & Loreen
V.I.P Home Services
Vanessa, Lucas and Connor Clark were here
Vikki & Dave Moller NZ to UK
Vinay, Jashan and Avani Maan
Vita Claude Banducci 7 October 1999
Wairau 319 Rocks
Wairau Int 3/11
Wallis Wragge
Walter & Lucy Todd
Wardell Family
Warwick, Jordan, Felicity, Mac & Campbell
Water Systems - proud to be the suppliers of the Sealion pool filtration system'
Westlake Family Trust 'Pukeora'
Will Alice and Katherine Tomlinson 
William Orr-Walker
Yang Yang and Parents
Year Nine Students 2000 Orewa College
Year One and Two St. Cuthberts College 2000
Yozin Family
Yve, Abby, Mike, Dave, Anthony, Oli Rutland
Yvette, Nastassja, Tristan & Yuriko Robertson
Zoo Hort team Carrol, Hugo, Niki, Rohan, Terry


91. 8 More FM - Auckland 
Abby and Zoe Madden Smith 1998
Adrienne Andrew & Jennie Tozer
Aidan Foo Birthday Visit 1997
Aille Elizabeth Jones 23/1/98
AJ Froggatt & TC Marrow
Alex Scott born 5 Oct 94 W.A.
Alexandra & Freddie Bensemann
Alexandra and Jack Leeming 
Alexandra E Lewis
Alice Jones & Dan Mathieson 
Alicia Moana Mordasini 1998
Alim 20/6/89 & Zaid 17/3/87 Guy
Alison Stewart 1986 Onwards
Allison Jean Taylor
Amanda Daley & Greg Jensen 98
Amanda Grace Mary Stephen McConnell
Andrea & Rachael Kortas Hi !
Andrew & Sophie Robertson 98
Andrew Briscoe
Andrew Leitch Zooing 17.8.97
Andrew Sharon & John Cawston
Ann & Bob Price
Annemarie Gibson
AQIB Farhan Razak 12.4.98
Aryton Oliver
Ashlee Hill
Ashleigh & Sarah Kennedy
Ashleigh Oliva Deasy
Ashley & Stephanie Henderson
Aspinall Family
Auckland City Parks Premier, Neighbourhood, Arboriculture, Sports
Auckland Paving
Auckland Zoological Park Charitable Trust Board
Auckland Zoological Society Inc
Augusta & Ted Connor
Avril Vodanovich 1998
Ben Cameron Strickland Nov 95
Benjamin Norton 15.04.98
Beverly C Rose 1931 - 1991
Big Trees Hortex, Take a leaf from our book, Hobsonville
Bill & Pam Bainbridge
Blair Stephen Chapman 14.9.97
Bob Charles for Liz
Brian Nicole Rebecca Taylor
Brian O'Hare Queensland
Briar, Danelle, Rochelle, Murphy 
Bridget & Emma Jane Casse 98
Bridgette Elisabeth May
Brittany Day 20 June 1997
Brittney Clark
Bruin Ceramics B & B M Jones
C & A Boswell
CA TA & ER Stanton
Caitlin & Laura Hares
Cameron & Grace Ruhen 1997
Cameron and Devin Marshall
Cameron and Shannon McDonald
Cameron Paul Rowland
Camilla & Sophie Smolders
Carlton Hotel Auckland
Carso Stella & Blanco
Carter Herkt Grandson 23-7-95
Casey Devey 
Casey Pilkington
Chatters George Neil Marie Michelle
Cheeseman Family
Chelsea & Adelaide Gorton
Cheryl & Rich Francolino 98
Chloe Danielle Cantwell
Chris & Laur Always
Christopher Cann 11/07/1994
Claire Cann 25/06/1997
Cody Nicholson Kyle Connelly
Conrad Clarke
Coop Family
Courtenay Burt
Daniel & Ashleigh Swithenbank
Daniel & Joshua Henderson
Daniel Coral & Latte 98
Danielle & Ryan Gillatt
Danny Michael & Ariannatoia 98
Darren & Lorrae wed@Zoo 1/99 
David, Diane & Andrew Howie
David, Jason Darren Norbury
Dawn Edgar & D Sears Waitak
Dayna Morley Carter 13-10-92
Dean Isabel & Evelyn Pago Pago
Dean, Kouka 1965 1992
Deborah Browning Brick
Diana & Alexander Craft
Doreen & Colin Searle 1999
Duncan McLennan
Duncan Wendy & Jason Hogg
Edward John Stretton
Edward Raffles One Tree Hill
Eleanor Nayne Carll 18-04 97
Elisabeth Hitchen Doris & Jack
Elizabeth Morrison Jones
Ella Banducci 23.10.96
Ella Donovan 10 June 1997
Emily & Greta Rountree
Emily Jones & Aaron Cook '98
Eric West & Family
Erin megan & Kate Hickey
Ethan & Abigail Bronsnahan
Eunice J Sharples 1987 - 1998
Evan Nara Phillips 31.01.98
Fay & Ray Potter
Finlay Family Conifer Grove
For the Lions Chris Edmonds
Forever Robert & Ferrous
France Family of Massey 1/98
Francesca and Meghan Meaden 
Francis & Patrick Snelgar
Frank Granger
Fraser & Trixie Croad
Fred & Lynda Coleborn & Family
From Bessy Parker with Love
From the Hofman family
Futurescape Live Your Vision
Gardner Family Spring 1998
Geneva Nathan and Rochelle Lewis
Genevieve and Catherine Lee 
Georgia and Jaimee Harris
Georgia Llyod Burgess
Gill Le Masurier we love you
Golden Bay Cement
Grace Cann 20/01/1993
Graeme & Yvonne Blank
Graham Bishop
Grant Thomlinson
Greenstone Pictures 
Greg & Robyn Wilshire
Greville Fry Smither
Gunpat Valabh
Gwen ? 20.05.16 - 24.10.95
Gwen Alma Collins Love Ted
H.W Coyle Ltd, Sanitary Plumbing & Roofing
Hannah & Molly Fromont
Hannah & Sally Bagnall
Hannah & Sarah Parry 1998
Hannah & Sophie Dyson 1998
Hannah Jessiman & Family 
Hannah Laupue
Hannah M & Jack S Davey
Happy Birthday Anne & Annie
Happy Birthday Fraser Neil
Harriet & Sarah Baxter
Have fun Max & Zoe Goodman
Hayleigh Millar
Hayley Jonathan & Crystal Sharp
Helen & James Kerslake Jan 99
Henderson North School
Hendrik & Sofie KoeKoek
Henry Morrison Jones
Herbert & Elizabeth Cutler
Howick Womans Club
Hucklesby Family 
Hunter Jordan Beaumont Orr
I Like the Zoo It's Nichelle
Ian & Valerie Elford
Ian Doi Meagan David Bach '98
Ian Stanley Kerr
Iha & Inan Diwan Luv the Zoo
I'll be back Brigsy (Paul)
In Loving Memory of Ashtar
In Memory Connie and Fred Letham 
In Memory Hilda & Stan Clarke
In memory Marcia Doris Goldie
In Memory of Becky Sorenson
In memory of Darryl Blaker
In memory of Eileen A Mcglone
In Memory of Irene Mardon 
In memory of Laurence & Violet Duval
In Memory of Michelle Kortas
Izzi and Eva Morris
Jack Harris 12.10.97
Jae, Rosa, Hanna and John Lee
James & Nik & Erin Guy-Edwards
James Palmer Engineer 
James Slator
James, Thom, Rob, Rose Horrocks
Jamie & Corey Annandale
Janie Rangikoe PA Casling 97
Jason Davis Likes Lions
Jayde Price
Jazz Sarah Jeanie Connelly
Jemma Amy Chinn
Jena & Roy 1 Aug 1997
Jeremy Guy & Rowan Thompson
Jeremy Oliver
Jeremy Thomas Edwards
Jeriel Reanner Korrina Kiana
Jess Bexi Liz & Mandy Cole
Jessie and Paddy Miller May '98
Jill Matt Beth & Nat Glenn
Jim Tavake Tarani Tia
Jimbo's Pet Food
Joan Mclean 1934 - 1997
Jodie Adelaide Norris
John sharyn & Felix Van Aalst
Jordyn Kamuhemu
Joseph Lane loves the zoo!
Joshua Hares
Kai & Richard Taylor
Kaine Kalleum Sheridan Taila
Kaitlyn Tayla Parry 29 May 98
Kajaal Mary Shirley 12.4.98
Karen A Special Woman 3.10.98
Kate Brendan and Erin
Kate Harper Valley USA
Kate Janet & Emma Kaye 1998
Katrina White Vincent White
Kay & Russell Geddes
Kayla Parker Mallin
Kea Anthony & Kadin
Keith Denise & Leonie Duval
Kerry & Laurie Love the Zoo
Kieran and Alex McCullough
Kim & Kath The Zoo Crew 98/99
Kimberley Russell & Douglas
Kristopher Millar
Kyle & Nicholas Apanui 1998
L Vincent & G Hazelwood
Lachlan Beattie Rangiora
Laura & Grant Cole 17.1.98
Laura Jenner
Learning Through Play 96FB
Leearzia Toia I luv you Grandad
Leon & Beverly Duval
Lesley Hillary Nutt
Liam Miller
Liz, Phillip, Caroline Coombe 1998
Lodge Tamaki 328
Lola & Bill Dackers
Love to Kristy John Michelle
Lowndes Family 29-12-98
Luke Our Welsh Kiwi 21.4.93
Lynnes Tribe Friends of the Zoo
Madeleine & Will August 1998
Madison Hill 
Magness Safari Train
Mahmoud & Elizabeth 1998
Mainfreight - Special people special company
Malcolm D Campbell 1931-1997
Malcolm Niccol
Marco Jack Tyler Rodrigue
Margaret and Herb Mabey
Marie Hook loved special mum
Marie Tout Birkdale
Marion & Roger Charlton 
Mark Standley 1998
Matthew & Jessica Van Kan 1998
Matthew & Sarah Seel
Max Lily Daisy Love the Zoo
McGinniss family
McIntosh and Woodward family '98 
Megan and Briella Martin 
Megan Hazel Reuben Fong 1999
Megan Marcus Lesley Richard
Melanie Happy 21st Hannah
Menzies Campbell Officer
Michael Price
Michael, Sue & James Copsey
Mike Eileen & Sean Witt
Mitchell Gapes 27.3.97 - 4.6.97
Moa and Toe Toe Families 1998
Mog McDonald- friends of the Zoo
Monier Clay Pavers
MPD & K Atkinson ABC & A Burns
Muriwai & Raiatea
Nana & Barp Shepherd
Nana Cunnold Love Zoe & Thomas
Nanna Leach our scented rose
Naomi, Emma, Cathy, & Geoff Green
Nasei & Sarah Afriyie Agyemang
Nasha & Susha Smith
Natalie Laupue 
Natasha Leighton 
Nathan Covacich 17/06/97
Nathan Jacob Van Maanen 1998
Nathan Pearce
Neil Standley 1998
Newton Wickham
Nicholas Matthew Corles 1997
Nicholas Wilkins 21.03.98
Nick Anton Corry Tryston Keegan
Nicolai Jenner
Nina & Rahul Sriram
O J and C Marino 
Ogden Family
Oliver & Matthew The 2 Lions
Olivia and Claudia Howse 1999
Olivia and Emily Manning
Onehunga Lodge 424
Our Breck 23.1.84 - 19.11.97
Pam Walsh Westmere Auckland
Paris Matthew Nathan 1998
Parkinson Family of Epsom
Patricia A McCreary
Paykel Engineering Supplies
Penny & Edward Auckram
Peter & Christine Smith & Family
Peter and Shelagh Little
Peter M McCreary
Peter Ping Dolphins Rule
Peter Wendy Larissa Pedersen
Petra Norris & David James
Peyton & Courtney Evans
Phyllis & Henry Dudley
Pierce & Raine Tucker
Polly & Mister Bunny
Ports Of Auckland 
Pouri Warmington & Haylee W
Price Family, Arch Hill
Pukekohe Lions Club
Ralf Kama & Sam
Rebecca & Margaret Edgecombe
Rebecca Thomas & Richard J
Rebecca Wilkinson
Remember, you're a Lakeman!
Rhian & Rebecca Webby
Rhiannon Pearce
Rhiannon Wylie Tapanui
Rhona & Tom Gibling
Rhonda & Paul 21.2.99 Best Wishes
Rhys & Mary Jones
Rhys Clay Hatton 31 Jan 1998
Richard Hofman 
Ricky & Brian Wood
Roanna & Savarina with luv Matt
Rob & Shona Wilkinson & Family
Robert Searle & Dawn Smith
Robert, Katie and Mikey Haszard 
Robin Esme Love you mama Kym
Robyn & Stephen Waddell
Roma Anderson 25/08/1996
Roma Mclean 1911-1993
Rosann Don Archer Jessy Kyle
Rose Anne Linden & Ryan Kirkbride
Rosie Stather & Rodger Beattie
Ross Gratten 1936 1996
Ryan & Loren Abel
S & B Pahti Vancouver BC
Sahara Lauren Cameron 
Sam and Connie Livingstone
Samantha Domett 15/5/98
Samantha Rae Stretton
Samuel Knight 27.5.98
Sarah & Grace Simpson
Sarah and James Heffer
Sarah B Love always Mr King
Sarah Jenner
Sarika Rehana Shirley 12.4.98
Sean & Alex Whittaker 1998
Sean and Connor Hughes
Sebastian Celeste Lola
Shafer Family  Devonport
Shubel Family Titirangi
Sid Noble Zoo Gate Keeper 1966 - 79
Simon & Amanda & Children T00
Simpson Grierson Law
Skylai Janal Seneca Dyami
SMC - Pneumatics (NZ) Ltd - Always getting better
Smiths Lock Smiths Ltd
Sophie and Anna Henvest
Sophie Claire Nowak Excell
Stef & Ben Ikinofo
Steph, Oliva and Celia Lendich
Stephanie & Edik Burgess 
Stephanie & Julia Knowles
Stephanie Leighton
Stephen & Nicola Standley 1998
Steve and Sue Lewis
Sue Webb
Sunshine Goldy Rufus Hollyer
T & S McFarland Family 1998
T J Stoehr Love U Mum & Dad
Talia, Danielle & Adam Koifman
Taylor & Mitchell Flavell
Taylor Kamuhemu
Teresa & Kathryn Taniora
Terri Sam & Shannon Cockerton
The Bedlow family
The Collins Family
The Eftpos and smartcard people, Advantage group limited
The Fanelli Family
The Furlongs 1998
The Hamed family 1998
The Horans Suffield Conn USA
The Jenkinson Family 1998
The Khan Family 1997
The Newbre Hayashi Family
The Rutledges USA - NZ
The Sutton Family
The Tibbotts Family
The Walker Family Auckland
The Xu Holland Family
Thomas & Max Heiplik
Thomas Dean
Tiffany Oliver
Tiffini McGregor-Dawson 9/2/98
Tim Annette Mike Andy & Emily
Timothy & Olivia Ferguson
Timothy & Stephen Brennan
To Dad Love Krysten Therese
To Grandpa Love Joshua 1998
Tomorrow made secure - ASB Bank
Tony Pike in loving memory
Trent & Tyler Shian Turner
Tyler Love Memamm & Bebappe
Tyler Michael Beaumont Orr
Tylor Benjamin George Keith
Vaughn Lara & Jamie Orr
Venu & Vanilla 1998
Vernon Stanton Smith
Warmington Family
We Love Jaeyoung 25.12.97
Wendy & Grant Spence Family
Willoughy Vernon Smith
Winstone Aggregates
With Love to Jack Crenfeldt
Witika Whanau Dannevirke 98
Worthington Church family