Did you know we help wildlife from all over Aotearoa?

At Auckland Zoo, our dedicated veterinary team deliver world-leading care for our zoo whānau, as well as serve a necessary role as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for sick and injured wildlife that are brought in from all over New Zealand.

Our vets use evidence-based medicine, advanced medical techniques, and scientific research to ensure they provide the best health care possible for all of our patients.

In the past year our wild patients have included: an emaciated little penguin; an 18 month old New Zealand fur seal; kākāpō with aspergillosis; a ruru (morepork) fledgling with a broken beak; several sick sea turtles; and a critically endangered fairy tern.

Choose your donation


Helps provides food (e.g. pellets, fruit and browse) for an animal in hospital for one day


Provides necessary equipment (e.g. needles and syringes) to care for a sick animal for one day


Provides life-sustaining food and medication for a sick animal in intensive care for one full day


Provides a vet nurse’s time and expertise to look after one animal patient for one day


Helps fund essential vet equipment like surgical gowns or scrubs, for vet team to wear


Helps fund a radiograph (“X-ray”) of an injured wildlife casualty (e.g. sea turtle or penguin)