Did you know we have a dedicated team of 12 vet staff at our on-site Vet Hospital?

At Auckland Zoo the veterinary team delivers world-leading care for our zoo animal whānau using evidence-based medicine, advanced medical technologies and techniques, and novel scientific research.

Through a partnership with the Department of Conservation we provide veterinary care and health management for both kākāpō and takahē recovery programmes. In 2019 our vet and bird teams helped to hatch, hand-rear and health check dozens of chicks to maximise the number of kākāpō reaching adulthood and the vet team co-ordinated health assessments of 49 kākāpō across three veterinary hospitals, and 50 more birds on their offshore islands in order to mitigate the spread of the fungal disease aspergillosis and save these unique and nationally critical parrots.

In addition to these core projects we provide veterinary support and rehabilitation for sick, injured or at-risk wildlife from all over Aotearoa, especially marine animals including fur seals, sealions, penguins and sea turtles.

Choose your donation


Helps provides food (e.g. pellets, fruit and browse) for an animal in hospital for one day


Provides necessary equipment (e.g. needles and syringes) to care for a sick animal for one day


Provides life-sustaining food and medication for a sick animal in intensive care for one full day


Helps fund essential vet equipment like surgical gowns or scrubs, for vet team to wear


Helps fund a radiograph (“X-ray”) of an injured wildlife casualty (e.g. sea turtle or penguin)