By partnering with Auckland Zoo you can:

  1. Support our mission – to bring people together to build a future for wildlife
  2. Connect with 700,000 visitors including 43,000 active members
  3. Support and align with an organisation which reaches a wide range of audiences and communities
  4. Be associated with a national and international award-winning zoo at the leading-edge of wildlife research, conservation work and innovative zoo design
  5. Raise brand awareness and promote your own brands, by engaging in activations onsite
  6. Play an important part in Auckland Zoo’s future and help create unforgettable experiences for New Zealanders

Let's make it official.

Is your organisation on the journey to sustainability and ethical practices? Do you share a vision for a world where wildlife is safe from extinction? Do you want to give back to your own backyard?

Join us!

There’s so many things we can do together, starting today. If you're interested in partnering with us to achieve some awesome things, we'd love to hear from you.

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