Into the wetlands.

The Lake and Wetlands Habitat is part of the Zoo’s $60 million South East Asia Jungle Track - the most ambitious project in its 99-year history as part of a #FutureZoo renewals programme being funded through Auckland Council’s long-term plan.

 The world class Swamp Forest dome habitat includes tropical pools and a rainfall system that will provide the essential rainfall ubiquitous in the tropics – to fall on plants, animals, and yes, our visitors!

The Habitat

From the high canopy habitat, a boardwalk takes visitors out across our lake and wetlands and over to the Swamp Forest dome. Via a network of 23m high aerial pathways, orangutans and siamangs will also have a spectacular extended climbing range over this body of water and great views across the whole Zoo!

The Lake

The lake itself, already an important stormwater/sediment catchment area, has been fitted out with a state-of-the-art filtration system that includes native reed beds. This ensures water leaving the Zoo is of a far superior quality than when it first comes into the Zoo, and the ecological health of the lake is maintained.

We’re excited to share that our stunning newly completed boardwalk that snakes across the Zoo’s lake and links up all our South East Asia habitats, is now open to visitors - bringing us another step closer to completing our South East Asia Jungle Track!

From the Track’s high canopy orangutan and siamang shared shelter, you and your whanau can now walk across the lake, experience being under the orangutan and siamang aerial pathways (where these primates may be swinging above you!) and take in the lush new plantings and wetlands.


Journey around our Future Zoo!

Captured by drone this birds-eye-view lets you journey around our burgeoning South East Asia habitat.

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South East Asia Jungle Track

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