Living the low life.

The Lowlands habitat is part of the Zoo’s $62 million South East Asia Jungle Track - the most ambitious project in its 100-year history as part of a #FutureZoo renewals programme being funded through Auckland Council’s long-term plan.

Look forward to being immersed in the landscape and environment of Sumatran tigers and Asian small-clawed otters in our lowlands habitat that includes aerial pathways where these big cats can look down on visitors!

The Habitats

The three habitat areas give these big cats the choice to enjoy lots of different terrains and micro-climates. There’s the opportunity to be up high on the aerial walkways and high ridges, cooling off in the pool/beach area, soaking up the sun, resting and sheltering in outdoor dens, or snoozing under the shade of bamboo and other flora. Elevated ridges, rocky areas, plantings and pools, give tigers the ability to leap across rocks and swim or rest in shady or open areas. 

Our exciting new habitat, custom-made for otters features rocky terrains, log dens, lush trees and grasses, as well as waterfall and pool areas for this semi-aquatic species to dive and swim in.

Like all this Track’s habitats, our tiger and otter areas will also feature shared shelters – places where animals and people come together, giving you, our visitors, the opportunity to come eye to eye with these amazing creatures.

The Aerial Pathways 

As predators, tigers like to be up high, so their habitat has high vantage spots as well as two aerial pathways (bridges). From here, these big cats can look down on visitors, as well as the otters, and out to many other areas of the Zoo, including the lake where they might spot orangutans or siamangs!

There are two mesh covered tiger aerial bridges — one of which is 16.5m (54 feet!) long. For the tigers’ benefit and the safety of visitors, both tiger walkways are 3m above ground. 

As always, the care of our animals in all habitat design is paramount – and flooring for the tiger walkways will be a special fibreglass reinforced plastic non-stick finish that will ensure the tigers’ paws are protected.


Journey around our Future Zoo!

Captured by drone this birds-eye-view lets you journey around our burgeoning South East Asia habitat.

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