Sumatran tigers are the smallest and most brightly coloured of the six subspecies of tiger - they're also the most endangered with fewer than 500 left in the wild.

Their stripes provide camouflage against the shadows of their forest habitat. They use their excellent night-time vision and move slowly and quietly to stalk their prey.

Our tigers eat chicken, horse, venison, wallaby, rabbit, beef and goat and each meaty meal contains bone and hide (fur and hair) so they can gnaw on the bones and keep their digestive systems healthy.

Auckland Zoo is currently home to Sumatran tigers female Molek (born 2000) and her son Berani (born 2008) – cared for by our dedicated team of Carnivore keepers.


Sumatran tiger view

When we put a Gopro in to our Sumatran tigers enclosure, we didn't expect tiger Molek to find it- but we're glad she did as we've now got a tiger view for you.

Behind the Scenes

Venture behind-the-scenes at the tiger exhibit and enjoy a thrilling encounter with a Sumatran tiger.

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