Bringing the tropics to you

The Swamp Forest is part of the Zoo’s $62 million South East Asia Jungle Track - the most ambitious project in its 100-year history as part of a #FutureZoo renewals programme being funded through Auckland Council’s long-term plan.

As a visitor, you’ll certainly feel immersed. Our swamp forest is a balmy 28 degrees year-round, and harvested rainwater irrigates all the plants as well as feeding the special misting and rain systems – which means, yes, you could get rained on in this tropical world!

The Habitat

The Swamp Forest habitat - a large transparent climate-controlled tropical dome - is home to Sunda gharial crocodiles and a variety of South East Asian fish species. It will mimic the hot and humid climate of an Indonesian swamp forest for Sunda gharial, fish species and hugely diverse flora. This unique habitat and the species that will live here, are entirely new for Auckland Zoo.

Being made out of Ethylene Tetrafluroethylene it acts as a insulating blanket to help keep the habitats temparature and because it is highly transparent it allows for plenty of sunlight to ensure our animals and plants get the critical ultra-violet rays they need. The habitat is maintained at 28 degrees and between 70–90 percent humidity year-round.

The Tropical Pools

All of the Swamp Forest’s pool areas are beautifully shaped and sculptured. This includes the over-hangs and beach areas where, when they choose to — you’ll see the extraordinary sunda gharial crocodiles haul out to bask in the heat along the habitat’s river banks.

The highly immersive swamp forest experience imagines a longitudinal cut along a swamp forest river. As a visitor, you’ll be hit by the heat, sounds and smells of an Indonesian swamp forest, and be able to view a kaleidoscope of tropical fish and the crocodiles underwater (through 2-metre-high clear viewing panels) across three interconnecting pools. 


The Science of Animal Care - The Swamp Forest

How do you create the perfect hot and humid habitat for Southeast Asian crocodiles and fish? Using the best in science and habitat design, experts from Aotearoa and around the world have been brought together to create our Swamp Forest habitat.

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