No two zebras are the same: the stripe patterns are unique to each animal, like a human fingerprint.

Zebra love to roll in mud and dust; this forms a natural mud pack, which shields against insects, heat and the wind. When the mud dries, they shake it off, along with loose hair and flakes of dry skin.

Zebras are very fast-moving animals and can reach speeds of up to 65kmph when galloping across the plains. This is just fast enough to outpace predators such as lions. Foals can run with the herd within a few hours of birth.

One of the most extraordinary phenomena in the natural world is the annual 1,800-mile migration of millions of zebra, blue wildebeest and other antelope between the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya’s Masai Mara in a constant search of food and water.

Our zebra herd live in Pridelands with our ostriches and giraffes. Meet our two of our zebra, Itika and Carlo, in the Zoo Tales episode below. 


Ben introduces our gorgeous zebra foal!

Meet our three week old foal and see her exploring the Pridelands paddock.


Zebra at the Zoo

Never call a zebra a stripy horse in front of Pridelands keeper Larry! Watch Zoo Tales to find out a quick and easy way to tell the difference between female zebra Itika and stallion Carlo.