Cartenoid pigments, found naturally in a variety of plants and animals provide flamingos with their pink colouring. Very social, flamingo flocks may number up to tens of thousands.

A single white egg is laid and cared for by both parents. Young are able to fly at around 78 days.

The greater flamingo is the most widespread species of the flamingo family, they are found in Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East, and into southern and southwestern Asia.

Like humans, when flamingos relax, weight is put more on one leg than the other.

We have a whole flock of adult greater flamingo and three juvenile flamingoes who live near The Watering Hole.


Meet our newest flamingo chick!

The first of our flock to hatch under its parents (and the first for Australasia!), this unflappable little chick is venturing further from the egg mound and even to our back of house area, under the watchful eyes of parents Neil and Cheviot.


What’s better than a flamingo chick? Well…two of them!

We caught up with Pridelands keeper David who filled us in on the exciting developments within the flock and just how unique and special these two flock-reared chicks are.