This little chick hatched this week to proud parents Cheviot and Neil – with big sister Otis close by.

This chick has just arrived on the scene and is already a trail-blazer. The first chick at our zoo to hatch on display (in front of some excited visitors) and as our flamingo are all hand-raised it will be the first chick to be raised by the flock!

If you look closely you can see the gold tip of its egg tooth - this is a tooth found in reptiles and some birds and helps the chick to internally pip and break through its eggshell – it will eventually fall off as it is no longer needed.

Both Cheviot and Neil will share duties and continue to sit on the chick for a few more days until it begins to walk – so make sure to visit and say hi! You can find our flamingo wading in their pool by our watering hole café. 


Meet our flamingo chick!

This little chick is growing in size and confidence each day.