Take a walk on the wild side in the Australia Bush Track. 

With fearsome Tasmanian devils, giant lace monitors, and our resident chatty cockatoo Captain, stop for a chat before continuing your journey.

Say Gidday.

Look forward to saying gidday to some stunning Aussie neighbours in our highly immersive habitat.

Visit our emus and brogla in our Aussie Walkabout and then head into the walkthrough avairy to meet a diversity of vibrant, and very noisy, Australian birds. 

Move further through Australia and visit the giant forked-tongued lace monitors and eastern water dragons. Look closely at Australia’s heaviest stick insect and red-back and social huntsman spiders. Continure through to say hello to Captain our Cockatoo and our tasmanian devils.


Meet our Rainbow Lorikeets

Our colourful rainbow lorikeets live in a large walkthrough aviary in Strangely Beautiful Australia - watch as zookeeper Deja introduces us to these noisy and inquisitive birds!


  1. If you can't see an animal straight away, stand still and count to 60


  1. Keep an eye out for moving plants. Look up in the trees, look down on the ground


  1. Listen out for chirps, squeaks, and growls

Please do not touch or encourage any of the animals at the zoo to land on you, but if they do:

  1. Try to gently shake or brush them off. If that doesn't work, ask a nearby staff member or volunteer for assistance (please don't leave the habitat you are in, you may have to ask someone else to find the closest one).
  2. Once the bird has left you, remove yourself from that aviary - they may be repeat offenders!

Areas of construction have hoardings or fencing surrounding them, and our Zoo map clearly shows which areas these are and what pathways are accessible to you. Our fabulous volunteers, the friendly folk in red, are also out in force to help you.