The lace monitor is the second largest monitor lizard in Australia, and among the largest lizards on earth.

Lace monitors often lay their eggs in termite mounds, where they are incubated at a constant temperature and kept safe from predators. The young will hatch in 8 or 9 months, and dig their way out – sometimes with the help of their mum.

Their tails are extremely long and are usually almost twice the length of the monitor’s head and body.

We are host to multiple Lace Monitors here at Auckland Zoo. Check these beauties out in the video below.


Meet our Monitors

Say g'day to Bruce, Alf and Ned - our male lace monitors and learn all about these awesome creatures from across the ditch.


Introducing our lovely lace monitor hatchlings

Recently five new monitors hatched at our zoo – a first for us and New Zealand!