Take a journey through the lush South American rainforest - umbrella optional. 

Step through into gator territory with our alligators then explore with our high-climbing spider monkeys and visit the friendly capybara who live with our Bolivian squirrel monkeys.

Journey through the South America track. 

Take a break at the flight school in the Galápagos clearing, making sure to say hello to our Galápagos tortoises before greeting our many tamarins - we've got cotton top tamarins, golden lion tamarins, and emperor tamarins!


Flight school - connecting people with wildlife

Have you experienced the wonder of Flight School? Here, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to be inside a forest canopy, feeling the swoosh of brightly coloured wings as they fly past. You’ll also get to learn more about these incredible birds and their natural adaptations, as well as how you can help to conserve them in the wild.


Old Elephant House

Stop for lunch just outside the South America Rainforest Track at the Old Elephant House restaurant.

Visit Old Elephant House


  1. If you can't see an animal straight away, stand still and count to 60


  1. Keep an eye out for moving plants. Look up in the trees, look down on the ground


  1. Listen out for chirps, squeaks, and growls

This area will be used as we continue to devleop our future zoo, keep an eye out for future announcements

Areas of construction have hoardings or fencing surrounding them, and our Zoo map clearly shows which areas these are and what pathways are accessible to you. Our fabulous volunteers, the friendly folk in red, are also out in force to help you.

It is worth noting that a significant part of the new South East Asia footprint incorporates areas that have not previously been home to animals and/or animal habitats. In creating our future zoo, we’re maximising the beautiful green spaces we have. Our lake is being enlarged to create a bigger wetlands area, we’re creating larger and more enriching homes for our animals, and improving pathways for you, our visitors, to create even more immersive experiences.

Despite this build, there are now more animals to see and experience when you visit. We’ve introduced new bird species in our Australia track, now have iguana on display, have welcomed the African waterbuck, as well as African crested porcupines and Emperor tamarins. In addition, be sure to visit our Vet Hospital just along from our red panda habitat. Here in the public viewing gallery you can view into the hospital’s treatment room and operating theatre and may see staff treating Zoo animals or injured animals from the wild.