Gálapagos tortoises are the laidback giants of the tortoise world and these huge herbivores love nothing better than feasting on a range of flowers, leaves, and grasses. 

We have four adult Gálapagos tortoises at Auckland Zoo, two females (Snapper and Chippie) and two males (Smiley and Willie). Excitingly, Smiley and Chippie recently hatched New Zealand's first Gálapagos tortoise hatchling Pinta! This tiny tortoise was named after Pinta Island, part of the archipelago of volcanic islands located west of Ecuador and once home to the most famous tortoise in the Galápagos – Lonesome George. Sadly, Lonesome George and his species are thought to be extinct, but as conservation optimists we believe the ten remaining species of Gálapagos tortoise have a chance at survival. 

Our hatchling Pinta is set to outlive all of us and be visited by several generations of zoo visitors – maybe even your grandkids grandkids!


Say hello to New Zealand's first Galápagos tortoise hatchling!

This newest addition to our tortoise family could potentially outlive you and I


Behind the Scenes

 Marvel at these gentle giants as you treat them to a special afternoon snack.

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