Bring Auckland Zoo to you with a virtual session:

Here at Auckland Zoo we aim to lead by example, with optimism, with expertise and with passion. By connecting today's tamariki with wildlife, nature, and conservation, we can foster passion and empathy for wildlife and wild places.

Our virtual education programme has been developed with the latest wildlife conservation science in mind. We have also drawn on a wealth of education experience within the team to ensure learning experiences are engaging and informative – inspiring informed action from our younger citizens.

Available for: Year 1-13 students
Duration: 45 minutes; Bookable from Monday-Friday with a variety of times to choose from
Capacity: 1 class (up to 35 students)
Cost of session: $100 per class (inc GST) with 10% of your payment going straight towards our Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund - helping to save wildlife in wild places. How awesome is that!

Primary and Intermediate Virtual Sessions:

Caring for our Hauora

Explore a variety of strategies to look after their own wellbeing whilst learning some fun animal facts along the way

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Magnificent Manu

Take a close look at some of the forest’s special manu (birds) and their important role in the ecosystem.

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Adaptations to Habitat

Discover how adaptations enable animals to survive and thrive in their habitat through observation and discussion

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Secondary School Virtual Sessions

Human Evolution

We are currently able to offer an adjusted online version of this education session

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We are currently able to offer an adjusted online version of this education session

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Inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

Kia ora kaiako across Aotearoa. 

The Conservation Learning team is excited to be able to bring the zoo to you with Virtual Conservation Learning sessions!

These sessions will be delivered from our Conservation Learning Classrooms or from home, but with plenty of Auckland Zoo updates, interactive learning, and animal action to help connect your tamariki to the zoo! Each class is supported by some amazing animal resources that are provided to you to use before and after your online learning session with our team to continue your learning!

Other Education

Onsite Education Sessions

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Learning at Home

We’ve created easy to use lesson plans and learning resources to support teachers in your online classrooms.