How have humans evolved?

Follow the biological journey of the human species as we travel back in time to analyse primate features - where did we come from, and how did we get here?


This session starts with an interactive comparison of primate skulls followed by a quick question challenge:  Are you Team Quadruped or Team Biped? 

The bulk of the session is then spent exploring the biological and cultural trends working with a range of replica Hominin skulls and tools. 

This session is perfect for the Curriculum linkBiology 91606 (3.6) – demonstrate an understanding of trends in human evolution.

Sessions with a Zoo Educator will last for approx. 45 minutes. Outside this time you are free to explore the Zoo. Most schools plan to arrive for 9:30am opening and leave by 2:00pm.

Year 13

  1. Compare living hominids
  2. Discuss biological and cultural trends in human evolution
  3. Recognise tools from hominin tool cultures (Oldowan, Acheulean and Mousterian), link these to hominin species and their use
  4. Compliments Biology 91606 (3.6) – demonstrate understanding of trends in human evolution

Year 13

  1. Life processes, ecology & evolution: Explore the evolutionary processes that have resulted in the diversity of life on earth and appreciate the place and impact of humans within these processes
  2. Biology 91606 (3.6) – demonstrate understanding of trends in human evolution

Tertiary Education

We can also offer this session as part of a Tertiary education visit.

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