Here you will find frequently asked questions regarding our discovery and learning programmes at Auckland Zoo.

For further information not on this page, read our Zoo RAMS, and terms and conditions of entry.

ECE - 1:3
Years 0 – 6 -  1:6
Years 7 – 10 - 1:15
Years 11 – 13 - 1:30

Please note if the minimum supervision requirements are not met your group will be unable to enter Auckland Zoo.

A: Only students in school years 11 upwards.  All students in school years 0 – 10 must be actively supervised at all times.  Active supervision requires them to be with a supervising adult throughout the visit.  The supervising adult must be aged 18 years and over.

A: Supervising adults must be aged 18 years and over.  We recommend that supervising adults do not bring along toddlers and babies so they can focus on their role as a supervisor.

A: Visit the corresponding education page.





Gates open at 9.30am and close at 5.30pm.

Most schools and centres arrive for 9.30am and depart at 2.00pm.

A: All education sessions last approximately an hour.  Your time is your own before and after the time booked for the education session.  Please consult the timetable the Zoo educator will have sent the coordinating teacher for specific details.

A: We suggest a pre-visit to Auckland Zoo to familiarise yourself with the Zoo grounds and facilities.  Some examples of good gathering places are the Band Rotunda, The Elephant Watering Hole, Jamuna Plaza. Click here for Zoo map.

A: Yes you can!  We recommend this. Please contact the discovery and learning team to organise this.

Please note: children are unable to attend a pre-visit as this is a professional development opportunity.

A: If you are worried about weather ask the coordinating teacher to contact a Zoo educator, (09 360 3817), to discuss the details.

We are an outdoor venue and there are limited spaces for shelter in wet weather.  Please note that the majority of our education sessions take place outdoors.  We recommend all students bring rain coats and some shelter can be found in the following areas – Elephant Grandstand, Servals, NZCCM, Tiger Territory, Cotton Top Tamarin Shelter, Siamang Gibbon Shelter.

A: Booking transport to and from the Zoo is solely the school’s responsibility. The only exception is if you are booked in for a Zoofari.

A: Auckland Zoo is a large venue therefore we ask students and teachers to keep their bags with them at all times.  Bag pooling may be an option for you to consider.  We do have limited storage for large items. Please contact a Zoo educator prior to your visit to arrange this (09 360 3817).

 A: Here is a link to our RAMS information.  In the unlikely event of an emergency please listen to public address announcements and follow the instructions of Zoo staff and volunteers.

A: Yes we do!  You can find it here.  Please note this document is designed to support you in planning your visit.  We do not need a copy of this information.

A: All education visits are already generously discounted thanks to our LEOTC contract with the Ministry of Education.  We do offer a sponsored programme for decile 1 – 3 primary schools.  Click here for further details.

Please be aware that only MOE approved ECE facilities/groups are entitled to education discounts.

A: Friends of the Zoo membership and other discount vouchers do not apply for education visits.

A: Most schools will bring their own lunches.  We do have on site caterers for the odd special occasion.  Please contact in advance of your visit.

 A: We have several cafes on site.  To assist café staff and other visitors we ask that you do not go into the cafes in one large group.

A: The Zoo is open to the public and many groups visit in a day and so we are not able hold spaces for you.  Please refer to FAQ “Where can we eat our lunch?”

A: As numbers can fluctuate due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot accept payment before your visit.

A: There is a minimum charge for groups fewer than 10 students/children.  Please complete a booking enquiry to see a full list of prices.

A: Visit the page corresponding to your age group and click 'BOOK NOW'.

A: Please contact our information centre prior to your visit.

(09) 360 3805

A: For health and safety reasons you unable to feed or touch any of the animals at the Zoo including free range birds.

A:  Balls, balloons, speakers, whistles, scooters, skateboards and any other sports equipment.

A: AZ is a smoke free area.