Cloacitis is a debilitating disease that affects kākāpō – but the great news is we know how to treat it.

In this video we follow our veterinary services manager James Chatterton and other kaimahi as they care for previous kākāpō patients Huarangi, Vori, Bravo and Bunker.


Caring for kākāpō affected with the disease cloacitis

In this video we follow Zoo veterinarian James as he explains this disease and how it is treated.

Colloquially known as ‘crusty bum’, cloacitis causes painful scabbing of the bird’s cloaca – the area from which they excrete waste and female birds lay eggs. It was first observed in their populations just over twenty years ago and affects birds on their sanctuary islands of Whenua Hou and Anchor Island.

Our Zoo vet team is privileged to be able to support our wonderful partners at the Department of Conservation’s Kākāpō Recovery with veterinary care for these precious birds. With just 248 kākāpō in the world today, each bird has an important role to play in the future of their species.