In late 2021, a young orphaned kererū (New Zealand wood pigeon) was found on a golf course, unable to fly, and was thought to have respiratory disease.

Thankfully, this precious manu was cared for by the skilled team at Massey Wildbase, yet as our veterinary services manager James explains, she was ultimately unable to be re-wilded.

The great news is, we’re able to provide an incredible home for ‘Sprinkles’ who has joined our amazing animal experience team. Here, she can connect with our wonderful visitors and be an important advocate for her wild cousins, educating them about this endemic species and their vital role in the New Zealand ecosystem.

Follow along with Emily In our video below as she explains Sprinkles journey to this point, and where you might be able to see her next!


Amazing news for orphaned kererū

We follow Emily in our animal experiences team as she discusses Sprinkles journey in connecting with the Zoo's wonderful visitors.