We’d like to thank some incredible wildlife-loving students who recently raised funds for the Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital!

Students Ellie and her brother Dylan presented their heartfelt donation to our Veterinary Coordinator Mikaylie on behalf of the students at Laingholm Primary School. While they were visiting, they got to see some of the patients we’re currently caring for, including a loggerhead sea turtle.

Ten-year-old Ellie is part of the School’s Student Council, who get together each term to agree on a worthy cause to fundraise for. Prior to Covid-19, students would often bake delicious treats to sell but this time they had to put their thinking caps on and come up with other ways to fundraise. The outcome of this was a fun ‘Guess the Teacher’s Teddy’ game; a board was set up with multiple photos and students would have to guess which teddy belonged to which teacher.

The idea to fundraise for the Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital was Ellie’s idea who has always had a love for animals and a great interest in helping and looking after them. Ellie and her family were aware of Auckland Zoo’s conservation efforts both the zoo and in the wild, but they’ve since learnt a lot more on their recent visit, all of which Ellie will go back and share with her class. 

We’re so pleased to hear of Laingholm Primary students’ passion for wildlife and wild places. In the classroom, students get to learn about the environment and the actions they can take to help lessen negative impacts on the natural world. Ellie herself is interested in a career helping animals has a special affinity for African animals and marine life.

A huge thank you to the students, staff and parents of Laingholm Primary School. As a not-for-profit it’s only through zoo visits and donations that we’re able to continue our conservation work each year. If you love our work as much as we do, please consider making a donation here.