Check out our Vet Hospital team in action saving kiwi Omeka!

Recently our elderly North Island brown kiwi Omeka visited the Vet Hospital for some much needed and critical surgery after X-rays showed she was struggling to lay a fully formed egg – which can be fatal for a kiwi.

39-year-old Omeka became ‘egg bound’ – a serious condition for a bird whose egg can weigh up to a quarter of its body mass!

Thankfully our skilled vet team were able to extract the egg and nurse her back to full health – an amazing result.

If you’ve been to our forest aviary The Night to see our kiwi and ruru (morepork), you’ve likely seen our advocacy kiwi Omeka fossicking for insects in the dark with her mate Kahu.

Want to know more about our dedicated vets and their world-leading conservation work!? Our Vet Hospital page is a hub of great information - research, fieldwork and you can meet our talented team!



Omeka has surgery at our Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital!