Takahē patient Hawkeye has responded very well to veterinary treatment and will return home today. 

Hawkeye arrived at the zoo in late August after he was found to have a swollen painful foot on Rotoroa Island. Our vet team diagnosed a nasty joint infection and treated this with regular joint flushes and medications. A CT scan a few weeks ago showed resolution of the joint infection, but some remaining inflammation in the area. This has continued to improve to the point that he could now return home.


Takahē Hawkeye at our vet hospital

Watch this #vetcam from our veterinary resident Lydia of Hawkeye when he was a patient at our vet hospital

It’s very important that a strapping five-year old male like Hawkeye was able to return to full health as our partners at Department of Conservation's Takahē Recovery have matched him with female Silberhorn in the hopes they’ll hatch their own takahē whānau. Takahe will be nesting very soon, so it was especially exciting to be able to get him home in time for this year’s breeding season.

Last year’s record-breaking breeding season resulted in 65 juvenile birds, increasing the total takahē population to 418! You can learn more about out vet hospital and the amazing work they do on our Vet Hospital page.