For years, takahē were thought to be extinct but were rediscovered in 1948, hidden deep in Fiordland's Murchison Mountains.

Adult takahē are about the size of a large hen, 50 cm high and can weigh over 3 kg. Takahē have wings but are flightless. They only use them to display during courtship or as a show of aggression.

Takahē inhabit grasslands predominantly, using shrubs for shelter.

We have a pair of takahē, Ahikaea and Montague, who live with our whio (blue duck) in The High Country habitat in Te Wao Nui.



Takahē pair make Rotoroa Island home

Kuīni, a feisty young takahē and mate Anzac started a new life on Rotoroa Island. Follow their journey to the island in this episode of Zoo Tales.