We've chosen a name for our four-week-old rhino calf. Thank you for your help!

Our ungulates team went through all 1000+ submissions and chose the name Nyah for our youngest southern white rhino, which is Swahili for goal or purpose. This is such an apt name for this precious calf who has a very special purpose – connecting with you and your whānau as well as advocating and raising awareness for her species in the wild. A huge ka pai to Shannon Phillips who submitted this name. 

Watch our video with ungulates keeper Gemma to see the calf venture out with mum Jamila into the African Savannah habitat for the first time, and learn how your zoo visits and donations help us to support rhinoceros in Africa and Asia.


Meet our four-week-old rhino calf Nyah!

Ungulates keeper Gemma introduces the youngest member of our Southern white rhino herd