Some HUGE match making has taken place at Auckland Zoo!

Some of you may have noticed not one, but two Southern white rhino playing in their enticing mud wallow to keep cool.  


Meet our lovebirds Jamila and Inkosi!

Watch as ungulates keeper Jess explains our rhino match-making

Our ungulates keepers have slowly been introducing female rhino Jamila, who journeyed to Auckland last November from our friends at Hamilton Zoo, to our resident bachelor Inkosi – and it’s so far so good!

To our delight, Jamila and Inkosi have been bonding well and it is our hope that, in time, they will contribute to the Australasian breeding programme for this threatened species.

It’s still early days, so they may not both be visible on your next visit – but if you’re lucky you may just see them enjoying the summer sun in their Pridelands paddock.