We’re taking you behind the scenes on orangutan Melur’s pregnancy journey – from the initial pre-pregnancy health exam at our vet hospital (with help from an expert sonographer), right through to the successful birth of her and Charlie’s baby.

You’ll get a detailed look at the incredible care our primate team provide these great apes, that went into all aspects of the pregnancy and birth. This mahi included crucial positive-reinforcement training with Melur so that the primate keepers and our vet team could assist if Melur or the baby needed medical intervention.

As primate keeper Sarah explains this is such a special and rare opportunity for our staff and our visitors to watch as Bahmi grows and develops – and we look forward as he reaches more milestones in the coming months.


Welcoming orangutan baby Bahmi into the world

Primate keeper Sarah explains the important training and care involved in Melur's pregnancy journey.