How do you safely health check a rhinoceros calf?

In our latest video, ungulates keepers Georgie and Jessie demonstrate how important positive-reinforcement training is in how we care for the Southern white rhinoceros herd. Asking the rhinoceros to voluntarily walk into their indoor ‘chute’ separately – including three-year old Nyah and one-year-old Amali – means our keepers can give each individual a quick overall health check.

If any further investigation is required, such as drawing bloods for our veterinary team, our keepers can safely bring the rhino into this space and can do so without the need for anaesthetic.

Every time you visit the rhino at Auckland Zoo, you’re also helping to support Sumatran rhino in the wild – ka pai!


Rhinoceros calf Nyah gets a health check!

Follow ungulates keepers Georgie and Jessie as they demonstrate how they care for the Zoo's Southern white rhino.