It’s International Flamingo Day and we’ve got an update for you on the Zoo’s flamingo chicks!

Recently bird keepers Sarah and Letitia performed quick health checks on each chick, to ensure they’re looking healthy and developing well. This is part of the science of care we provide all of the animals at the Zoo as part of the five domains of animal welfare model.

The Flamingo Specialist Group created this day to raise awareness for flamingo globally. The greater flamingo we have at Auckland Zoo have a conservation threat status of ‘least concern’ but four of the world’s six flamingo species are currently threatened. 26 April was chosen as the celebration date as it is the birthday of John James Audubon – an American researcher who promoted the flamingo in his iconic artwork and publications.


Flamingo chicks receive a health check!

Follow along as bird keepers Sarah and Letitia give the Zoo's five flamingo chicks a quick health check.