This successful hatch on 27 January is awesome news for our bird team who have been trialling a new approach to flamingo egg management this breeding season.

Historically, four flamingo pairs have produced fertile eggs. Knowing this, our team has been checking eggs via candling (using a light source to examine the internal contents of the egg) to assess egg fertility. When fertility is confirmed, these eggs are strategically placed with other flamingo pairs that have not produced fertile eggs in the past. 

This chick hatched under flamingo pair Neil and Cheviot but from an egg produced by parents Richard and Sullivan! This ‘clutch management’ also allowed Richard and Sullivan to go on and lay another egg – meaning that more of the flock will have the chance to parent a chick this season and overall flock productivity can be increased - ultimately leading to the growth of the flamingo flock! 

Head to our keeper talk at 12pm each day for a chance to see the chick and learn more from our keepers!