Which animal is a stone-cold killing machine with a 95% success rate? It’s not what you’d expect!

In our latest episode of ‘Phil Us In’ Te Papa’s entomology expert Dr Phil Sirvid discusses the hunting pro of the animal kingdom - New Zealand’s very own ranger dragonfly - with bug-lovers and comedians Thomas Sainsbury and Chris Parker.

Killer vision combined with optimal flight control makes it possible for the dragonfly to target one mosquito out of a whole swarm, zero in and perform the perfect intercept with astonishing accuracy.

Our July school holidays programme is all about amazing your senses and this bug has the upper hand when it comes to sight –  their eyes can see the world at 300 frames per second (humans see just 50-60 frames per second) which makes them so hard to catch!

Listen to our podcast to discover just how amazing these aeronautic insects really are!

The magical zoetrope at Bug Lab created by Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop celebrates the dance of the dragonfly and is an absolute must-see for those who appreciate craftsmanship and pre-film technology. Get your tickets on site or online


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Bug Lab


Bug Lab is a blockbuster science exhibition developed by New Zealand’s world-famous museum, Te Papa, with the Academy Award© winning Weta Workshop. Don't miss out! Tickets are available on site and online. 

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