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See the world the bugs built. A fantastic science exhibition from Weta Workshop and Te Papa. Closes 26th August, don't miss out.

Featuring massive 3-D bug models within four magical chambers, Bug Lab is a spectacularly immersive and interactive experience for all ages that offers visitors the unique opportunity to learn from the genius of bugs.

Enter the ‘operating theatre’ of the iridescent jewel wasp and witness her turn a cockroach into a zombie – to feed the kids of course.

Help the Japanese honeybees defeat the giant hornet, their greatest enemy. Test yourself against the bugs with games of skill – can you beat the orchid mantis’s lightning-fast reflexes?

Every bug has a secret, and your goal is to discover it. Precision flight, mind control, swarm intelligence... bugs did it all first, and they’re still doing it better. What would the future look like if humans could match their brilliance?

Bug Lab FAQs

Bug Lab is an interactive science exhibition developed by Te Papa Museum and Weta Workshop. It is a self-guided museum style exhibition, there are no shows, and visitors can enter at any time. While it is self-guided, there are Zoo staff members present to answer any questions visitors may have.

While there are no live bugs inside Bug Lab, visitors do get the chance to observe and examine preserved bug specimens from all around the world. 

Entry to Bug Lab requires a separate ticket. Friends of the Zoo receive a large discount on their Bug Lab tickets.

For ticket prices, and to buy click here.

Bug Lab is interactive and informative and caters to visitors of all ages.

Bug Lab is all indoors, so it is a great option for visitors on rainy days.

Bug Lab is accessible by wheelchair if required.

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