Listen as one of Te Papa’s swarm of experts unpacks the fascinating secrets of our queen of venom, the Jewel Wasp!

In the first episode of our ‘Phil Us In’ podcast series, newly converted bug lovers and comedians, Tom Sainsbury and Chris Parker, are asking Dr Phil Sirvid the tough questions like - is the Jewel Wasp the Hannibal Lecter of the insect world? And… can Tom zombify Chris?

As Dr Phil explains, the jewel wasp is small but packs a punch! She is able to choose the exact location for her stinger of venom to prick and then paralyse an unassuming cockroach, turning it into a living nursery for her young.

The star of the venom section, Bug Lab’s jewel wasp is stunningly beautiful and precise, modelled on a real specimen and crafted by the team at Weta Workshop. 

This Friday is also the last night of our Bug Lab Lates – an evening of cocktails, live music, kai with a conscience (edible bugs!) and entry to our blockbuster science exhibition Bug Lab.


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with comedians Chris Parker and Tom Sainsbury!

Bug Lab


Coming to Auckland Zoo from the 20th of December, Bug Lab is a blockbuster science exhibition developed by New Zealand’s world-famous museum, Te Papa, with the Academy Award© winning Weta Workshop. Tickets on sale now.

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