Great news this Seaweek! After being found ill and washed up on the shore at Rangiputa, this week Calvin the green sea turtle was successfully released back into the ocean!

Calvin received initial treatment at the Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital in November 2018 before heading to our friends at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium for 14 months of continuous monitoring and rehabilitation. During this time we helped with CT scans and numerous blood tests to help treat this sea turtle patient.

Of the seven marine turtle species found globally, five are found in New Zealand waters and all of them are either classified as endangered or critically endangered. We’re proud to be a member of ‘Team Turtle’, a collaborative effort from Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s, Department of Conservation, Auckland Zoo, and iwi that work together and combine their conservation skills to rescue, rehabilitate and then release turtles back into the wild once they are well.

Many of the turtles that come into our care have been affected by plastic waste so as our zoo vet nurse Celine says please take your rubbish home with you and “leave only footprints.”


Endangered sea turtle released back into the ocean!