Happy World Animal Day! Today we’re taking you to Sri Lanka to meet Pruthu Fernando, an expert on elephant behaviour who has dedicated his life to protecting this larger-than-life species.

We’ve been supporting elephants in Sri Lanka through our partnership with the Centre for Conservation and Research (CCR) for the past eight years and with your help the Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund has been able to fund GPS technology to gather invaluable conservation data. 


Conserving Asian elephants in Sri Lanka

We meet elephant team leader Andrew Coers and Pruthu Fernando from the Conservation Centre for Research in Sri Lanka who discuss the vital conservation work taking place for Sri Lanka's Asian elephant

This tracking data and research is used to influence government decisions in populated areas that are being developed for human use. One such example is creating an elephant-sized underpass beneath a new highway, allowing for generations of elephants to continue to travel in their natural range!

When you visit Anjalee and Burma these School Holidays you’re not only experiencing all the amazing benefits that come with connecting to nature, but you’re also helping to conserve wildlife and wild places around the world!