Elephants are the world's largest land mammal, but the Asian elephant is slightly smaller than its African cousin.

Elephant ears radiate heat to help keep these large animals cool, but sometimes that isn't enough. Elephants are fond of water and enjoy showering by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves.

An elephant's trunk is actually a long nose with many functions. It is used for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and also for grabbing things -especially a potential meal. The trunk alone contains about 100,000 different muscles. Asian elephants have a finger-like feature on the end of their trunk that they can use to grab small items. (African elephants have two.)

Wild habitat is diminishing and wild elephant populations are increasingly coming into conflict with people with disastrous results.

We have two Asian elephants: Burma and Anjalee. Burma and Anjalee will be leaving Auckland Zoo in 2021. Read story >

Now in her 30s, Burma, who arrived at Auckland Zoo in 1990, is the elder of these two beautiful pachyderms.  She has matured into a lovely gentle elephant, and while still very energetic and playful, is slightly less mischievous than Anjalee!

Anjalee was born in 2006 and is now the equivalent of a teenager. She has boundless energy, confidence and curiosity, and since arriving here in 2015, has developed an incredible bond with Burma.


Keeper Chat - Andrew introduces our Asian elephants!

We catch up with our beautiful Asian elephant girls, Anjalee and Burma


Anjalee and Burma

Anjalee and Burma have been making headlines since Anjalee's arrival in late June 2015 and the two have been getting on famously ever since. Watch Zoo Tales and see their first outing together as well as their friendship blossom!