In this most recent playful installment of our #keeperchat series we caught up with our beautiful elephant girls, Anjalee and Burma!

Our amazing team of elephant keepers ensure these incredible pachyderms are enriched each day and partake in typical elephant behaviours like reaching high-up to get their food, dust-bathing for sun protection, engaging in play and building relationships with each other and the entire keeping team.


Keeper Chat - Andrew introduces our Asian elephants!

These lovely ladies are advocates for Asian elephants doing it tough out there in the wild, where human-elephant conflict is rife, and habitat loss is a seriously pressing issue. And we can’t thank you enough for your support – your zoo visits and donations allow us to partner with the Centre for Conservation Research, and the Biodiversity Conservation Elephant Trust – two amazing organisations doing some fantastic things to support elephants in the wild.

We can’t wait to see you at the zoo from Wednesday 2 September! You can watch our entire Keeper Chat series here