Just like humans, rhinos like a good pampering too! While we may use a plethora of products to keep us looking and feeling great, rhinos need just one – mud.

Mud helps our herd of rhinos keep cool on hot days and also acts like sunscreen, fly repellent and moisturiser! They’ll often mix the mud up using their horn, face or feet which helps make it wet and easier to spread all over their body. The easiest way to get completely covered in mud is to wallow – which is like taking a big mud bath! This is what Inkosi can be seen doing here in the Prideland’s habitat, and as well as reaping the health benefits, it’s also a fun activity for our older male!


A practical pamper session with our Southern white rhinos!

Watch one of our Southern white rhinos enjoy a spa session!

Our ungulates keepers also help keep the wallow moist by mixing the mud with a tractor which stops it from drying out – especially during long summer days. Our keepers say female rhinoceros Jamila is the best of the bunch when it comes to covering herself in mud and rarely misses a spot. However, male rhinos, Inkosi and Zambezi, often need a little assistance. So, our keepers sometimes offer exclusive spa days where they’ll get their hands dirty lathering the boys’ backs with fresh mud!