Auckland Zoo Position Statements

Auckland Zoo is a not-for-profit wildlife conservation science organisation passionate about its mission to bring people together to build a future for wildlife, and fully supports using and increasing the use of 1080 to save our natural taonga, and the importance of sustainably produced palm oil.

Palm Oil Position Statement

Auckland Zoo is extremely concerned about the devastating environmental and social impacts associated with the unsustainable production of palm oil in some of the world’s most biodiverse regions.

We recognise the importance of the palm oil industry to the economy of developing countries and acknowledge that it is currently the most high-yielding and versatile vegetable oil on the market. When produced responsibly, palm oil can be the most ecologically sustainable vegetable oil for mass consumption.

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1080 Position Statement

Auckland Zoo fully supports using and increasing the use of 1080 to save our natural taonga. Aotearoa’s extraordinarily unique wildlife and ecosystems are being decimated by introduced predators (primarily possums, stoats and ship rats) and we are in a race against time to save them.

1080 is endorsed by multiple organisations, including the Department of Conservation (DOC), is backed by decades of science and research and rigorously regulated, and is achieving amazing results for our wildlife and forests where it is being used.

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