This is a PSA to all Kiwis to watch out for wildlife when on the water this summer.

Our veterinary team responded to an incident this week, when this endangered green sea turtle was found in a near-death condition in downtown Auckland. Struck by a boat in the harbour, the sea turtle was in horrific shape due to the injuries it sustained.

Sadly, these consisted of a fractured shell, spine, pelvis, exposed lung tissue and damage to its kidneys – all in the area where it was hit. Our clinical coordinator Mikaylie, and vet Kimberly assessed its injuries and made the kindest call to euthanise it.

It’s our hope that by raising awareness of this issue, devastating situations like this can be prevented in the future. We’re asking everyone to be mindful of marine species – whether out on their boats, at the beach or enjoying the water. Sea turtles can bask just below the surface of the water, so we encourage everyone to scan for shapes or movement when you’re out on the boat.

You can read more about how to keep marine life safe in the Department of Conservation's safe boating guide