Auckland Zoo supports the use of sustainable palm oil.

As a wildlife conservation science organisation, Auckland Zoo is extremely concerned about the devastating environmental and social impacts associated with the unsustainable production of palm oil in some of the world’s most biodiverse regions.

We recognise the importance of the palm oil industry to the economy of developing countries and acknowledge that it is currently the most high-yielding and versatile vegetable oil on the market.

When produced responsibly - where tropical rainforests, peat swamps, wildlife, people within the industry and indigenous populations are protected - palm oil can be the most ecologically sustainable vegetable oil for mass consumption.

We therefore consider that transforming the market to a certified sustainable, traceable, deforestation-free (CSPO) supply of palm oil is the most responsible path, and that shifting the demand from non-CSPO to CSPO is essential. Boycotting palm oil does not offer a long-term solution and will only increase demand for other, less efficient edible oils, leading to similar or worse environmental and social impacts.

Our commitment

We are committed to ensuring that our internal purchasing and procurement activities in no way support the further conversion of forest and other important areas for conservation into oil palm monoculture.

Raising awareness

As an organisation advocating for, and actively involved in the conservation of species negatively impacted by unsustainable oil palm plantations, we are also committed to using our voice as trusted wildlife conservation science professionals to raise awareness of the issues associated with unsustainable oil palm agriculture.

Making informed choices

We will support our communities to make informed choices around the purchasing of products containing CSPO and its derivatives.

Our palm oil position.

Our Palm Oil position aligns with the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) position on sustainable palm oil and supports the Memorandum of Understanding between WAZA and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

This position and associated actions contribute directly to our institutional commitments to ‘Evolving our organisation sustainably’, ‘Conserving wildlife in the wild’, ‘Enhancing the wellbeing of our communities’ and ‘Nurturing the wellbeing of our communities’ and delivery of our mission ‘To bring people together to build a future for wildlife’.


Palm Oil – What’s the solution?

Thanks to our amazing friends at Chester Zoo, you can learn more about why sustainable palm oil production is important.