The Foundation for the Endangered Species of Guatemala (FUNDESGUA) was founded in 2014 and focuses on increasing habitat and protection for endangered Guatemalan species.

Campbell’s alligator lizard (Abronia campbelli) has been considered on the brink of extinction since its description almost 30 years ago. Twelve years ago, when FUNDESGUA re-discovered the species, it required urgent conservation measures.

The species is threatened by deforestation and degradation of their habitat, persecution by the local community due to the belief that they are venomous, as well as illegal collection for the international pet trade. It is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. 

Recently, two new distribution zones harboring the lizard were discovered by FUNDESGUA. This provides hope for the conservation of the species with a new range of conservation opportunities. With a goal of planting 40,000 trees of key forest species, this project, supported by the Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund, will make it possible to create biological corridors to continue to close the gap between one of these new distribution zones and the original area by 80%.

In addition, an analysis of the areas surrounding the new zones will be carried out that will allow the planning of habitat restoration efforts for the next five years. This will achieve the scope necessary to maintain the evolutionary processes of the species and the ecosystem processes of the habitat, ensuring long term sustainability for Campbell’s alligator lizard and the surrounding communities.

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