The Conservation Fund supports conservation efforts in the wild

Zoo staff established the Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund in 2001 to support conservation efforts in the wild, in New Zealand and overseas.

Funds are raised via donations, visitor admissions and various fundraising activities 

The Conservation Fund has raised more than $4,000,000 to support a wide variety of conservation projects and partners around the world. Our projects are grouped into three portfolios:

  1. Aotearoa New Zealand – where in addition to supporting conservation partners, the Fund also underwrites field expenses for zoo staff taking their unique skill set into the wild.
  2. South Pacific where both conservation funds and capacity-building through hands-on assistance are essential.
  3. Rest of the World where many projects are linked to the species we care for at Auckland Zoo.

Aotearoa New Zealand

The Conservation Fund supports recovering native taonga in Aotearoa.

South Pacific

Building conservation partnerships with our neighbours in the South Pacific thanks to the Conservation Fund.

Rest of the World

See where in the world the Conservation Fund is supporting vital conservation.


Building a future for wildlife

You allow us to inspire, empower and make a difference. Our team of conservation optimists use their skills, backed by science, to lead and support conservation efforts in Aotearoa and around the world. We’re inspiring the next generation to care and take action to ensure a better future for wildlife and wild places.